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Watch me being interviewed for HypeBot

Last week I was asked to talk about GigRev with Jay Gilbert and Michael Brandvold from Hypebot. Ep. 339 Monetize Your Fanbase and Launch a Mobile Fan Club with GigRev Visit Kevin Brown from GigRev joins us this week to talk about their white label solution for building a mobile fan club that easily […]

GigRev Celebrates Successful First Year

Music might be more accessible than ever, but revenues for the global music industry have been almost cut in half over the last 15 years. Artists with small to middling followings rarely reap the rewards of services like Spotify and Apple Music; only those with millions of plays can count on the revenue that streaming […]

Time to wake up

Facebook Is Dead

Facebook has long been the place for bands and artists to cultivate their fans. Before that there was mySpace and before that, fan clubs.